The AUssieYouTOO team is made up of young people like yourself that one day decided to leave home and travel to Australia to live an adventure. Since 2012, we work with love and dedication to make your dream of travelling Down Under come true – once and for all!

This is how it all started

AUssieYouTOO’ story begins with the adventure of Marta Caparrós.

Our “mum” travelled Down Under to learn English, she fell in love with the country and she ended up founding this Australian company.

A success stOOry!

Our Values

  • What matters most to us is that you have the best experience of your life and return home amazed by Australia and AUssieYouTOO.

  • Our main task is to support you when you land in Australia, when you start school or university and throughout your adventure in Australia. We will always be with you. Don’t forget these words mate!

  • We will always, always, always adapt to your needs. We care about people, not numbers. We are Listeners, not sales people so we know how to listen and contribute.

  • Our whole team lives, dreams and loves Australia. We could spend our lives talking about how wonderful this country is.

  • We are human, we make mistakes, we apologise, and we solve problems. We respect you and we like to be respected.

  • We will always answer your e-mails. Write to us now!