Our main goal is to help you prepare everything you need to study, live and work in Australia. We will lend you a hand at no cost as we represent Australian institutions. Yes, you’ve got it right, our counselling services are completely cost free for you!

Whatever your home country, age or job is. The only condition is that you feel like travelling, studying and living an adventure Down Under.

  • 1. Personalized Advise

    We have more than 8 years of experience in the education sector, and we will inform you about everything you need to study and work in Australia.
  • 2. Visa Management

    We enrol you in the educational centre that meets your objectives, we process the visa and the health insurance that you need to get your visa granted.
  • 3. Travel Arangements

    We help you find the best flights, transfer money to your new Australian bank account and share the contact details of our team in Australia.
  • 4. Personal COOLlaborator

    Within the first 24-48h of your landing in Australia, your Personal COOLlaborator will help you in person to settle down.
  • 5. Support in Australia

    More than 1,000 students travel to Australia with us every year. We have WhatsApp groups, we organise events… join our big family!
  • 6. Visa Renewal

    If you want to stay longer in Australia, we will help you find the best option for you. We don’t want this to end either.
  • 1. Personalized Advise

    We will personalise your adventure by adapting to your needs, objectives and budget. We will start by informing you about your visa options, courses and cities until you become an expert. 

    We have more than 8 years of experience working with the Australian education sector and we help more than 1,000 students a year to prepare their trip to Australia.

    All our team members have lived in first person what is like to get to Australia alone and not know anything about the country. That’s why we share with you everything we know about this wonderful country. We put all our knowledge at your disposal! 

    We can assist you anywhere and at any time. Although we like to sleep at night and rest on weekends, we will be with you whenever you need it 😉 Do you have WhatsApp? So do we.

  • 2. Visa Management

    Our Visas Department is very well trained to help with your visa application. We manage more than 1,000 student visas a year! The ‘risk assessment’ team ensures to reduce your visa’s risk to a minimum. 

    • We enrol you in the educational institution of your choice. 
    • We arrange your mandatory health insurance. 
    • We request your Student Visa, Tourist Visa or Work and Holiday Visa.
  • 3. Travel arrangements

    When your visa is granted, we help you to prepare for the trip by offering all these services for free:

    • Personal COOLlaborator. We will put at your disposal a young person who lives in your destination city in Australia. 
    • Guide of your destination. Your will receive a super guide of your destination city, ideal to prepare your trip to the last detail. 
    • Flights. We will show you how to choose and find the cheapest flights and you can take advantage of exclusive discounts with airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Qantas.
    • Flights Calendar. You can search for other students traveling at the same time as you and travel with them. Make friends before arriving!
    • Accommodation. You will receive advice on the management of the reservation of your accommodation for your first days in Australia.
    • CV. We will send you examples of Australian resumes in English so you can do yours before arriving and be prepared to look for a job.
    • Workshop #ReadyToGOO. Before catching the plane, you will speak with a member of the team in Australia to answer last minute questions and meet more students in your same situation.
    • Opening your Australian Bank Account Online. The agreement we have reached with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia allows you to open a bank account from your country to transfer the money you wish and have everything available upon arrival. In 10 minutes and free! Very useful, right?
    • WhatsApp: we will add you to the WhatsApp group with students that live in your same destination. You will be part of our big family!
  • 4. Personal COOLlaborator

    Within the first 24-48h of your arrival to Australia, your Personal COOLlaborator receives you in person to support you in:

    • SIM Card. We will get your SIM and activate your Australian mobile line. 
    • Pick up at the airport. If you land in Coolangatta, Gold Coast, our COOLlaborators can pick you up at the airport. Check with us their availability to agree schedules and dates. 
    • Bank account. We can put you in contact with the Bank so they can guide you through the process of activating your bank account and obtaining  your debit card.
    • Public Transport Card. We will show you how your city transport works and will help you to buy your transport card.
    • TFN request. We will request the Australian working number that you need to work legally.
    • Health Insurance Card. We will request your OSHC health insurance card.
    • Curriculum review. We will review your resume when you need it.
    • Thousand tips. We will advice you with all our knowledge and experiences so you can find a job and accommodation as soon as possible. 
  • 5. Support in Australia

    We will take care of you throughout your stay in Australia. 

    • Support from your Personal COOLlaborator for everything you need.
    • Welcome workshop #WelcOOmeToAustralia.
    • Monthly events in your city – BBQs, CrossFit, Yoga, and much more!
    • Support from your COOLlaborator and all the team during your stay in Australia.
    • 10% discount on trips around Australia with RTW Backpackers
    • 5% discount on Travelers Autobarn vans
    • 10% discount on Wicked Campers vans
    • Information and 10% discount with your Tax Return
    • In Gold Coast, free admission to the gym every Tuesday
  • 6. Visa Renewal

    We will also be by your side when your adventure is coming to an end.

    • Processing of student visa renewal. We will help you continue your adventure in Australia looking for the best alternatives for you.
    • Promo renewal. Get $100 voucher if you renew your visa with us and a $50 voucher for each friend that you invite and gets a visa with us. And they will also get $50!
    • 10% discount at IATI Seguros. To keep you traveling safe and as cheap as possible all your life!