First of all, you need a visa to start your adventure in Australia. Maybe nobody told you this before, but that’s what we’re here for.

You can’t go to Australia without a visa. So, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about the Student Visa.

What can I study in Australia with the Student Visa?

Whatever you want! (as long as you have good English language skills).

The most common courses of our students are English language courses and VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses in public and private institutions.

You can also pursue university studies related to your degree, such as a specialisation or a master’s degree. You can combine the courses of your choice to make your ideal curriculum. We’ll adjust it to your budget, your personal goals and your career goals.

At AUssieYouTOO, we have agreements with over 100 institutions around Australia, so… you ask and we’ll adapt to whatever you need!

What is the process to apply for a Student Visa in Australia?

EASY PEASY! The first thing that you need to know is that we’re experts in all issues regarding the Student Visa, so if you want to dive right in, don’t hesitate to give us a buzz to guide you and to take you to Australia.

How does it work?

First you need to know we will be with you every step of the way:

  1. You’ll choose the kind of course you want to study.
  2. You’ll decide how long you will want to live in Australia for. It can’t be forever!
  3. We’ll help you find which Australian city suits you best.
  4. We’ll check course prices at the best Australian education institutions.
  5. We’ll enrol you in program of your choice.
  6. We’ll help you get the compulsory medical insurance.
  7. We’ll fill out the Student Visa application, review it and send it.
  8. Once your student visa has been approved, you’ll buy your plane ticket!
  9. We’ll assign you a COOLlaborator to welcome you to Australia.
  10. You’ll book a hostel to spend your first nights in paradise.
  11. You’ll pack your suitcase and… GO!
We’re experts in Student Visa.
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We know you’re lost and have a million questions about how to start this adventure.

Keep reading and don’t worry, we’ll sort out your life! Or at least we will answer all your questions. These are the answers to the questions you have right now about Student Visa in Australia:

  • Can I work having the Australian Student Visa?

    Sure! You can work as many as 20 hours per week while studying with this visa, plus as many hours as you want during your holiday periods.

  • What are the requirements to apply for a student visa in Australia?

    The requirements for immigration will vary depending on your nationality, your personal profile and the school you want to study at. However,  the mandatory requirements to apply for the Student Visa are:

    • Valid passport.
    • Be enrolled in a minimum 12-week face-to-face course at an Australian Government-accredited educational institution.
    • Compulsory health insurance for all your adventure.

    Then, according to your nationality they can ask you to:

    • Declare in a written letter that your main goal in Australia is to do a course to improve your academic and professional background and that you intend to return to your home country when you finish.
    • Prove that you have no health problems through very basic medical tests. Nothing serious!
    • Show that you have sufficient funds to cover your living expenses during your stay in Australia.
  • Is there an age limit for applying for an Australian Student Visa?

    You’ll be happy to know that the Student Visa has no age limit.

  • Can my partner travel with me?

    Sure! The Student Visa allows your partner to be included in the visa for the duration of the visa so that he or she can work and stay with you in Australia.

  • How far in advance do I need to start the student visa process?

    We recommend that you write to us at least 4 months before the date you want to land in Australia.

  • Do I have to have any kind of medical check-up?

    It depends on your nationality and your case. It is difficult to answer this question without knowing you!

  • Is it necessary to prove sufficient financial resources?

    Again, it’ll also depend on your nationality and your individual case. We’ll be able to advise you better when we know your specific case, so what are you waiting for… contact us!

  • What compulsory insurance should I get?

    You will need an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of your visa. Don’t worry about this, we’ll explain it to you in detail when we meet with you.

  • How long does an Aussie Student Visa last?

    The student visa in Australia is linked to the course you choose to study. Therefore, the length of your visa will depend on the length of your course and the months of holiday you are granted – the longer the course, the longer the visa!

  • Will there be holidays?

    Sure! And you’ll be able to work as much as you want during holiday periods when you are not studying. Or, better… you can take the opportunity to travel and discover the country!

  • How much does the Aussie Student Visa cost?

    The Student Visa fee is $620 (Australian dollars). You’ll need a currency converter to find out the price in your currency.

    The price of the whole process will depend on the months you want to stay and the type of course you choose. Don’t worry, there are programs for all budgets.

  • How much does our services cost?

    Wait, mate! You still don’t know? Our services are free of charge for you. We will help you for free with all the formalities you need to apply for the Student Visa.

    We represent more than 100 Australian educational institutions and they are the ones who commission us for our services. If we help you, the cost to you will be the same as if you were on your own. Well, to be honest, maybe it will be cheaper with us, since we have access to discounts at all the education institutions we represent. A good deal, isn’t it?

  • Can an Australian student visa be renewed?

    Of course! And we’ll help you when the time comes when you won’t want to leave Australia. Or when you miss it so much that you will want to come back.

  • Are there other visa options for studying in Australia?

    It depends on your nationality, you can also study in Australia with a tourist visa and a Work & Holiday or Working Holiday visa.